Simply Delicious Restaurant

"It's about the food"

Simon and Wendy opened the doors of Simply Delicious on 27 December 2012.
They always strive to source all their produce locally and to only use the freshest ingredients available to them.
Everything in the restaurant from the bread, to all the sauces and even their ice cream is made in the restaurant kitchen.

When asked about the type of food on offer on the Simply Delicious Menu, the answer is simple:
"Fine Dining quality, but a wholesome portion!"

Simon and Wendy take pride in their wine list - all the wines are locally sourced from the Robertson Wine Valley. Each wine has been hand selected to complement the menu. Their aim is to take you on a culinary journey.

The menu will tantalise your taste buds and you can be assured of a memorable dining experience.
The restaurant opens at 18h30 - 7 nights a week. The last seating of guests is at 20h30.

This is the current menu that is available in the restaurant. Please be advised that we only use the freshest local produce,  therefore the menu may vary slightly when you visit, dependent on the season.

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